IQ C02 Fractional Laser

 Our Co2 Fractional Laser passes the highest standards of testing, and is considered one of the highest quality machines of its kind in the world.

CE marked and FDA approved.

Laser resurfacing is a method of reducing wrinkles, scars, and blemishes. By using a laser to remove the outer most surface of the skin, laser resurfacing offers the skin a chance to regrow into a glowing, unblemished, surface. Laser resurfacing also stimulates collagen growth beneath the skin. With increased collagen, wrinkles are filled in, reduced, or eliminated.

For more than 10 years, we have been at the forefront of laser gynaecology research, developing revolutionary, minimal invasive, treatments, based on the industry's highest standards.

The right laser for every Gynaecologist.

Fractional lasers are star performers in the field of gynaecology, thanks to their proven ability to perform an impressive range of treatments with superior clinical results, greater patient comfort, faster healing, and reduced downtime.


  1. Painless, with the patient only feeling warm and hot sensations.
  2. Fast treatment, with each treatment lasting less than 30 minutes. One - Three treatments can completely eliminate most skin problems.
  3. A three combination system: Vaginal tightening, CO2 fractioning, and C02 applications for surgery.
  4. Korean manufactured seven joint articulation, with 360° rotation. Every area of the body can be treated without moving the machine. 

  5. Includes seven treatment shapes, allowing a greater selection for treatments. Use the triangle, or linear, shape, when treating difficult areas such as the nose or eyes. 

  6. Low thermal damage when using intelligent random scan. Fastest speed using maximum distance scan. Pain-free treatment.

  7. Vagina tightening. Fast, lasting constriction. Tightens to 60%. Deep, anti-aging level to 80%. Moisture level to improve 80%. Pink vagina vulva rejuvenation. Lightens pigment and pink labia sections to 70%.

  • Price: $29,355 USD
  • *Lease: $830.14 USD/Month.
  • *Based on a 36 month term.


  1. Wavelengths: 10.6um.
  2. Working Mode: Pulse mode/ fractional mode/ continuous mode/ vaginal mode.
  3. Output Power: 60W.
  4. Pulse Radio Frequency: 0.530W
  5. Scan Mode: Free scan, sequence scan, maximum distance scan.
  6. Pulse Width: 0.1-10ms, adjustable, step forward by 0.1ms.
  7. Laser: Closed dc RF laser.
  8. Indicator Light: 635nm infrared.
  9. Laser Origin: South Korea.
  10. Cooling System: Wind.
  11. Beam Transport Device: Seven point articulation optical arm.
  12. LCD Display: 10", 16-bit color LCD display.
  13. Scanning Graphics: Square, rectangle, circle, diamond, triangle, ellipse, and linear.
  14. Voltage: One AC.
  15. Size: 35x30x117cm.
  16. N.M. Weight: 52kg.
  17. Packing: Aluminum alloy case.