IQ Teeth Whitening

Our mobile teeth whitening machine has higher power efficiency lighting (60w), and is more powerful than most professional teeth whiteners on the market. 

CE marked.

This product can be moved anywhere in your clinic or office and is easy to assemble and install. It offers efficient teeth whitening performance with a simple and straightforward operating system, suitable for dental whitening clinics, salons, and mobile whitening businesses.

Advanced teeth whitening requires professional training, as teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide, and we do not recommend that individuals use a high-concentration hydrogen peroxide gel kit to bleach teeth without professional knowledge and experience.


  1. 12 piece LED bleaching lights, with 60w of power, and more powerful than most teeth whitening machines on the market.
  2. Temperature control system protects the machine, ensuring longevity.
  3. Sensor pause button.
  4. Illumination range: 10% to 100%.
  5. AB group light.
  6. Touch button, with an efficient, ease of operation system.
  7. Large display screen.
  8. Works on extrinsic tooth discoloration (caused by coffee, tobacco, sauce, tea, food, etc.), intrinsic tooth discoloration (mild fluoroscopic or tetracycline staining), genetically yellow teeth, and other causes of teeth discoloring.
  9. Dramatic results in less than 30 minutes, with no side-effects, or damage to the pulp. No anesthesia required.

  10.  Pain-free, long term results.

  • Price: $3,275 USD
  • *Lease: $165.00 USD/Month.
  • *Based on a 36 month term.


Input Voltage: AC 100-240V.

Power: 60W.

Wavelength: 460-490mm.

Illumination Density: 300-400mW/cm

Contant Temperature: 35-40°c.

One hydrogen peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit included.