Two Companies - One Global Vision

It began in Sweden. The vision to bring the next generation of European innovation and quality aesthetic equipment to the global market. Working together, Mareli Medical, and Reverse Genix, have done just that, and are proud to be launching their extensive line of next generation aesthetic equipment. That alone, however, wasn't enough. Equally important, was designing a 360° support and service program, that met the same high standards as their manufacturing criteria. The ultimate goal being, making owning an IQ Beauty Solutions' product by Mareli Medical, the smartest, most reliable, and safest choice, you could make. 

As the exclusive North American distributor of Mareli Medical's IQ Beauty Solutions, Reverse Genix is proud to be representing this next generation of Swedish innovation and quality, something we felt strongly the aesthetic equipment market here was missing. European sophistication, innovation, and quality standards, brought together with Reverse Genix's competitive pricing, and our 360° support and service program. For more information, please see our full catalog of aesthetic equipment, here.

As many in the industry know, Mareli Medical has grown to become one of the largest distributors in the world of dermal fillers, and medical accessories. They hade a vision, of changing the industry for the better. Their focus on quality, and support and service, made them a game-changer. Mareli Medical was established in the beginning of 2015, and has become one of Sweden's fastest growing companies. Today, Mareli Medical, supplies and assists, thousands of clinics worldwide with CE marked, and FDA approved, dermal fillers. 

... and now, Reverse Genix and Mareli Medical, proudly present: IQ Beauty Solutions. 

Mareli Medical's exclusive catalogue of next generation aesthetic equipment for professional use. When you use a product from Mareli Medical, you never have to worry about quality, support, or service, it's how we built our name. All IQ Beauty Solutions' products are CE, FDA, or Health Canada approved. To learn more about Mareli Medical, please visit marelimedical.com.

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